Pentucket Lake Elementary School

  • 2015-2016 School Year

    On March 9, 2016
    The Amazing Hero Art

    performed at Pentucket Lake School

    Check out the incredible photos and paintings of Rob Surette below

    art 1art 2

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    Eric Kimmel Skype Visit to PLS

    Kimmel interview
    This morning, January 11,  in the computer lab, students from our grade 3 and 4 ELL classrooms participated in a Author interview via Skype!    Mrs. McCourthy, one of our Merrimack Interns, initiated the project …….
    • Students studied the books of author Eric Kimmell
    • 2 students wrote the author a letter and to their delight ……. HE WROTE BACK  (writing for a purpose ….)
    • Mrs. McCourthy arranged for a SKYPE interview.
    • Students prepared questions for Mr. Kimmell  (writing for a purpose ….)
    • 10:00 am this morning …… Mrs. Shaw connected a few wires ….. and WA-LA!  …… there was Mr. Kimmell ….. from Oregon!
    • Students introduced themselves, asked questions, and engaged in conversation  (public speaking for a purpose …..)
    • Mr. Kimmell engaged the students with authentic answers, dialogue, humor, a visit from his pet snake as well as a few songs on his banjo!
    • What was scheduled for a 15 minute morphed into a 45 minute lesson for all to enjoy.
    A special thank you to Mrs. Courthy, Miss Hamm, Mrs. Portillo, Mrs. Gregoire, and Mrs. Shaw ……… creativity meets collaboration meets teamwork ……. WHAT LUCKY STUDENTS!
    Literacy for All!

    Happy Secretary’s Day to our very own Nancy Geary

    For running a tight ship with grace and gentility.
    Wishing you a happy Secretary’s Day.
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    Haverhill’s YMCA
    2015 Educator of the Year
    is……. our very own…….
    Cheryl Marr   

    Congratulations to Pentucket Lake School Teacher Cheryl Marr for an outstanding and well deserved honor!!!

    marr 1

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