Pentucket Lake Elementary School


    Cottage Farms Mum Fundraiser forms due back by Friday the 20th.

    Meadow farms Catalog Fundraiser from 9/25-10/11.

    Five Guys Dinner night is 10/22.

    Please note, the PTO will be collecting all orders and submitting them to Cottage Gardens on Friday, Sept 20th. We cannot accept order forms past Sept 20th, so please send them in on time.   All purchases must be picked up at Cottage Gardens between the dates of Sept 25-30th. 

    Cottage Gardens is located at 935 Amesbury Rd Route 110, Haverhill, MA.  Cottage Garden will have the records of each purchase and will be able to look up customer orders onsite.   A special prize will be rewarded to the top earner in each grade and the classroom with the highest total will earn a pizza party.
(978) 374-3400
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