Pentucket Lake Elementary School

  • PLS Staff

    Most of our staff emails are first initial, last
    For example Joseph Smith would be:
    If a staff member does not have the above format, the correct email is noted below, next to their name.

    Dianne Connolly –

    Assistant Principal
    James Brennan –

    Office Staff
    Nancy Geary – Head Secretary –
    Sue Kinser  – Office ESP

    School Nurse
    Alyson Dwyer –

    Leighana Kenney –

    Sector 4 School Psychologist
    Beth Buschini

    Adjustment Counselor
    Laurie Mendoza

    Behavior Support
    Ken McDowell
    Lisa Santos

    Shawn Foley
    Mike Kotuli
    Roger Sulesky

    Food Services
    Patricia Haney – Manager

    Teaching Staff

    Judy Collins
    Amanda Crane
    Cindy Langlois (

    1st Grade
    Susan Boland
    Lauren Roberts (
    Michelle Coulouras
    Heather Dolan
    Kathy Flanagan
    Joan Gorman

    2nd Grade
    Crystal Chambers
    Sarah-Lyn Davy (
    Jennifer Roberts
    Michelle Wickwire
    Kristen Wyman

    3rd Grade
    Carly Cruff
    Suzette DiTonno —  Mrs. DiTonno’s Classroom Website
    Susan MacGregor
    Sara Parent
    Kristen Portillo
    Kyla Sherwood

    4th Grade
    Katie Gregoire
    Diana Madden
    Elizabeth Morin
    Nicole Post (
    Amanda Roche
    Nicole Sharp

    Grades  Kindergraten, 1 & 2
    Cynthia Chaput
    Elizabeth Valliere

    Grades 2, 3 & 4
    Natalie Campisano (

    Grades 3 & 4
    Ashley Behrendt

    Academic Support
    Laurie Angelone
    Kim Lennox
    Marylee Murray

    Literacy Support
    Patricia Hathaway
    Catherine Mann
    Mary McCormack
    Heather McNeil

    Reading Recovery
    Sara Hastings

    Literacy Coordinator
    Joan Gorman

    Bonnie Ham
    Andrea Famiglietti

    Paul Murray
    Amie Aloisi (
    Mary Krikorian
    Timothy Carven – Mr. Carven’s PE WebPage
    Trish Shaw

    Alysha Hosford
    Emily Hoyt
    Alexis Sciuto

    Occupational Therapy
    Tracy Palumbo
    Aline Santos

    Physical Therapy

    Educational Support
    Jennie Afonso
    Deandra Boucher
    Heidi Campbell
    Maura Donahue
    CJ Fackert (
    Diana Farrell
    Melissa Gilley
    Alex Hosford
    Valerie Magliochetti
    Elisania Nunez
    Umbelina Rodriguez
    Susan Rostosky (
    Lynn Sullivan
    Carolyn Wennerberg

(978) 374-3400
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