The city of Haverhill has adopted a new attendance policy.

The parent or guardian must contact the school if a student is going to be absent or tardy. If we do not receive a phone call, an Alert Now automated message will be sent.

If we still do not receive a phone call the absence information will be sent to our Attendance Department and a school representative may attempt a home visit to ensure the safety of your child.

Please contact Pentucket Lake School @ 978-374-2421 or email us at if your child is going to be absent or tardy. We also have an answering machine available 24 hours if you’d like to leave a message after school hours.


Attendance Policy

Missing School Matters:  Don’t Jeopardize Your Child’s Future

It may not seem like a big deal…

Maybe a child with allergies stay homes a couple of days a month. Or maybe a family wants to take a winter vacation and the parents figure it’s no big deal for the kids to miss a couple of weeks of class.

But it is a big deal. Students who miss just two days of school a month-18 days in the 180 day school year- may struggle throughout their school years and into their adult lives.

Studies find that students who miss just 10 percent or more of the school year suffer serious academic consequences:

  • Kindergartners who miss a lot of school have academic problems throughout elementary school
  • By third grade, children who are frequently absent score lower on standardized tests than their peers.
  • Middle and high school students who miss a lot of school are less likely to graduate than their peers.

Whether a student is cutting classes without his or her parents’ knowledge or on a family vacation, missing school can affect his or her academic performance.  And while no one wants a feverish child to come to school, children shouldn’t be kept home for insignificant reasons.

Chronic absence occurs in all income levels, all age groups and all parts of the country.  It has a significantly more profound effect on a student’s achievement than his or her family’s income level.

Parents can do something about chronic absenteeism, they can:

  • Teach you child that you won’t negotiate about school attendance.
  • Get each day’s lessons to make sure that a child who has stayed home because of illness does not fall behind
  • Schedule routine doctor and dentist checkups and vacations during school breaks.
  • Be sure your child goes to school starting on the first day of the school year.
  • Make sure your child gets a good night’s sleep, has a healthy breakfast and arrives for school on time every day.

If your child must be absent Haverhill Public Schools requires that you call your child in absent prior to the start of the school day. If you do not call your student in absent we will make every attempt to contact you by phone or at home to ensure the wellbeing of your child. 

For your convenience schools and their phone numbers are listed below:


Haverhill High School 978-374-5700 press 3
T.E.A.C.H. 978-374-7486
Haverhill Alternative 8-12 978-374-3482


Consentino K-8 978-374-5775
Hunking 6-8 978-374-5787
Nettle 5-8 978-374-5792
J.G. Whittier 5-8 978-374-5782


Bradford Elementary K-5 978-374-2443
Golden Hill K-4 978-374-5794
Greenleaf K-2 978-374-3487
Pentucket Lake K-4 978-374-2421
Silver Hill Horace Mann Charter K-5 978-374-3448
Tilton K-4 978-374-3475
Walnut Square K-2 978-374-3471


Bartlett Kindergarten Center 978-469-8735
Crowell Kindergarten Center 978-374-3473
Moody Early Childhood Center 978-374-3459

If you have any questions regarding your child’s attendance please contact your child’s school directly or the Attendance Department at 978-374-3439.