Morning Arrival

Drop off of students by families at Pentucket Lake begins at 8:45. Staff is available to supervise your child beginning at that time, not before. Please don’t let your child out of your car prior to 8:45.

In most cases, students will arrive at Pentucket Lake and proceed to the back of the school to meet up with their classmates and prepare to enter the building at 9:00. However, if the conditions are not suitable for the children to be outside, the large GREEN FLAG will be visible at the front of the building. That flag signals to everyone that students will enter the building immediately and will go to their classrooms.

We will of course have staff outside directing your child.

Morning Bus Routes 2022-2023

Map for Student Drop Off Before School

YouTube Video Showing Drop Off Procedure for 1st & 2nd Grades

YouTube Video Showing Drop Off Procedure for 3rd 4th 5th and Kindergarten

Afternoon Dismissal

Students leave Pentucket Lake in a variety of ways. We have students who ride buses, students who wait to be picked up by their parents in their car. And we have students who walk home in the afternoon. Below explains our procedures.

STUDENT PICK UP – This is when parents remain in their vehicles and drive around to the back of the school. The students will wait for their ride in the fenced playscape area until their family vehicle arrives at the loading area. For the safety and efficiency of the loading process, we ask that family members remain in their cars. Also, we load students into 6 cars at a time, the line moves quickly.

WALKERS – This is when students are permitted to walk home from school or when students meet family members outside the entrance to the school. All walkers are dismissed through the main entrance of the building. Parents who meet their child in the front of the building will need to find a parking spot and meet their child on the sidewalk at the entrance. Please DO NOT park your car in No Parking areas or behind stopped cars. And also, please do not permit your child to cross the parking lot without you next to them.

BUS – The majority of our students ride the bus in the afternoon. Please see the schedule below for the listing of bus stops and arrival times. Please be flexible with the arrival times of the buses. The times on the schedule are approximate times. There will be times when the bus is a little early or even a little late.

Afternoon Bus Routes 2022-2023

Map for Student Pick Up After School