Pentucket Lake Elementary School

  • PLS Staff

    Most of our staff emails are first initial, last
    For example Joseph Smith would be:
    If a staff member does not have the above format, the correct email is noted below, next to their name.

    Maureen Gray –

    Assistant Principal
    James Brennan –

    Office Staff
    Tricia Dupre’
    Susan Kinser

    School Nurse
    Katrina Sullivan –

    Leighana Kenney –

    Sector 4 School Psychologist
    Laura Boyd ( 

    Adjustment Counselor
    Rebekah Marcotte

    Behavior Support
    Valerie Hobbs

    Roger Sulesky (Senior Custodian)
    Food Services
    Patricia Haney – Manager

    Teaching Staff:

    Judy Collins
    Michelle Coulouras – Mrs. Coulouras’s website
    Cindy Langlois (

    1st Grade
    Susan Boland
    Heather Dolan
    Kathy Flanagan
    Joan Gorman
    Lauren Roberts (

    2nd Grade
    Amanda Crane
    Crystal Chambers
    Sarah-Lyn Davy (
    Jennifer Roberts
    Michelle Wickwire
    Kristen Wyman

    3rd Grade
    Carly Cruff
    Suzette DiTonno —  Mrs. DiTonno’s website
    Elizabeth Morin
    Sara Parent
    Kristen Portillo
    Daniel Whitney

    4th Grade
    Kate Hammel
    Susan MacGregor
    Diana Madden
    Nicole Post (
    Nicole Sharp

    Grades  Kindergarten & 1
    Aimee Ragonese

    Grades  Kindergarten, 1 & 2
    Ashley Gutierrez

    Grades 2, 3 & 4
    Natalie Campisano (
    Ashley Garcia

    Academic Support
    Kim Lennox
    Marylee Murray

    Literacy Support
    Patricia Hathaway

    Reading Interventionist
    Mary McCormack
    Heather McNeil

    Reading Recovery
    Catherine Mann

    Bonnie Ham

    Paul Murray

    Amie Aloisi (

    Colin Ferland (

    Timothy Carven – Mr. Carven’s PE WebPage

    Trish Shaw

    Alysha Bartlett
    Ariel Andrews
    Alexis Sciuto

    Occupational Therapy
    Tracy Palumbo
    Aline Santos

    Educational Support
    Mercedita Burgie
    Kristina Callas
    Lori Davis
    Christina Fackert (
    Alex Hosford
    Hayley Kaddaras
    Valerie Magliocchetti
    Brittany O’Brien
    David Prescott
    Umbelina Rodriguez
    Susan Rostosky (
    Lynn Sullivan
    Hunter Tuck (
    Anna Villers-Forte
    Sophie Welch
    Carolyn Wennerberg
    Heather Zarubaiko

(978) 374-3400
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